2 PRO Licences (Annual)

699.00 / year

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With a Pyrocommander PRO license you will unlock the following features.

Pyrocommander Show Generator:

  • Write MTC (Midi Timecode) to USB. After creating a show with Pyro and or DMX effects, you simply connect an MTC device and press ‘play’. If you connect this device to the Pyrocommander your effects will be spot-on!
  • Read MTC from USB. This allows you to have a live monitor of the show you have created. You should see it, it’s awesome!
  • Change playrate of a track up to 9 times slower than the normal playrate. This makes it easier to program cues on a certain beat.
  • Autosave feature.
  • Ability to program DMX cues.
  • Ability to choose effects from a database. This makes it a lot easier, faster, and more fun to create a show. Are you looking for an effect that lasts exactly 30 seconds? Then enter the duration and the software will make suggestions that fit your need. Furthermore, this database contains information such as: Caliber, Article nr, Angle, Prefire time, Price, Duration, Color. You can simply add new effects to this database.
  • Ability to select DMX Presets from a database. This makes it a lot easier, faster, and more fun to create a show.
  • Export your show to a file containing Comma Separated Values (*.CSV). This enables you to extract certain information to create your own documentation
  • As a PRO you can create certain documents in one of our formats. These documents include:
    • Show report: This file contains all the cues sorted by time. With this report, you can see at which times certain effects will occur and at what positions this will happen.
    • Slave loading report: This file depicts how pyrotechnicians should connect the products to the slaves. Furthermore, it shows when – and if – certain products¬†should be connected in series.
    • Location Report: You can save a lot of time – increasing efficiency – with a clear overview of what products should be placed at certain positions. This includes DMX devices, Pyro devices,¬†and pyro products.
    • Pyro Report: A total overview what products are used during a show. This makes it easier and faster to get the products from your bunker to start prepping. Additionally, you can choose to include the prices with this report giving a clear overview of the total costs.
    • Inventory Report: A total overview of all the DMX products that are required during a show.
    • Pyro Permit: This generates a document that you can use to apply for a pyro permit.
  • Parallel firing support. This allows you to fire an endless amount of shots in a fraction of time

General Advantages:

Lastly, with a PRO Licence, you are assured of the latest updates. All future functionalities will be free of charge and will enable you to request custom features.

This subscription will give full access to all features for an entire year