Pyrocommander is a new revolutionary system that is fully compatible with Pyrodigital systems. Furthermore, the Pyrocommander has the option to controll devices through with the DMX512 Protocol. Pyrocommander makes it possible to shoot over a wireless medium while commanding DMX devices via XLR cables. The Pyrocommander is backwards compattible with all Pyrodigital slaves, thus a wired connection is possible! 

Specially developed Software which is free for download makes it possible to create a show on your laptop! Pre-existing scriptfiles such as Showdirector's (SCX) files can be imported effortlessly. Editing the show is as easy as pressing the record show and pressing the space bar for Pyro cues or the enter bar for DMX cues. The Pyrocommander usb controller is used in order to transmit the signal to the slaves. This can be done both wired or wirelessly!

The Pyrocommander Slaves are able to operatate wirelessly on distances exciding 500m (1500ft). The built in (rechargable) power-source (battery) is able to power the slave in showmode for over 24 hours!


Pyrocommander - FM Slave

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Pyrocommander FM Slave.

Transmission distrance larger then 500m (1500ft)

Operation time: 24 hrs

Standby time: 1 month

>Pyrocommander - Software

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Pyrocommander - Software

The free for use Pyrocommander Software can be used to create a show on your computer. You can import SCX files or create a show from scratch. Pressing the Space bar creates a Pyro cue, the enter key will create a DMX512 cue.

Pyrocommander - USB Controller

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Pyrocommander USB-Controller

The USB-Controller is used to transmit the show created with the software to the FM slaves and DMX devices. This transmission can be wired and wireless.