Wireless Communication

The Pyrocommander utilises several high frequency communication schemes to assure a save, fast and robust transmission. The device is equipped with a second antenna enabling spatial diversity. This second antenna improves the quality and reliability of a wireless link. Many events are hosted in urban and/or indoor environments that do not have a clear line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver. Instead, the signal is reflected along multiple paths before the transmitter finally received the signal. Each new bounce can introduce phase shifts, time delays, distortions and attenuations that can destructively interfere with the signal that the transmitter should have received. The second antenna is especially effective at mitigating these multipath situations.

Both antennas are configured to operate at a different frequency. The first path that propagates successfully to either of the antenna’s will be the dominant frequency and will control the transmitter.

This scheme enables the Pyrocommander to operate with a line-of-sight transmission distance of more than 1 km.